Storytelling for Influence

Here’s why I did a 6 week course on a powerful strategic business tool called Storytelling. We want to believe that we are rational beings. The truth is far from that. Research shows our brains are not hard-wired to understand logic or retain facts for very long. Our brains are wired to understand and retain... Continue Reading →

Gatekeeping & Democratization in AI

When competing in the age of AI, the million dollar question businesses should ask but seldom does is “What does our AI team look like?” Your solution depends quite a bit on who is involved in solving your problem. Beyond gender and race, team diversity issue in AI is also about skills. Historically, the kind of... Continue Reading →

The Amazing art of Disabled Artists

Lisa Fittipaldi can tell which color she is using just by feeling the texture of the paint. Lisa is blind. Stephen Wiltshire is world famous architectural artist who created an 18 foot wide panoramic landscape of the skyline of New York City, after viewing it once during a 20 minute helicopter ride. Stephen is autistic. Keith is... Continue Reading →

5 lessons from the #JWST

5 lessons from the #JWST (James Web Space Telescope) 1. Press on.30 years and $10 billion later, what the world is gushing over, this week, is the result of human perseverance. It represents the combined effort of about 20,000 engineers, astronomers, technicians and bureaucrats who saw it through. 2. There’s only one way to finding Nemo- just... Continue Reading →

(Less Popular) Ideas for Event hosts

I've lost count of the number of events I've attended in the past couple of years. Reflections, thoughts and more self notes on how to host an event for All. Be Bold wrt. Accessibility. If you plan to host an inclusive event, let the world know. Announce that the event is meant for All. People... Continue Reading →

Braille door signs

I got a new Braille door sign! Talk about Accessible home renovation projects 🙂 When my kids asked me more about Braille, I decided to read up. Here’s what I found- Braille was not initially created for the blind. In 1819, the French army used it to communicate at night without speaking or using candles-... Continue Reading →

The AI Cook

I love MasterChef. Some of my vivid memories is of Gordon Ramsey reminding the contestants to always "taste" the food they're preparing. I don't know if (or rather when) an AI contestant will enter the MasterChef kitchen. It certainly can "taste" the food. This isn't really easy because the human perception of taste relies on... Continue Reading →

For the love of Sign Language

About a third of the Oscar winning movie CODA is in American Sign Language. While the subtitles helped, it got me thinking about Sign Language. CODA stands for Children Of Deaf Adults. The plot revolves around a CODA - Ruby- who is the only hearing person in her deaf family. Except for the character of... Continue Reading →

Cultivate Serendipity

What’s common between Aspirin, Scotchgard, Velcro, the Post-It note, and the technology behind the HP Inkjet printer? Serendipity had a say in their beginnings. The world is more coming to realize how Serendipity is not merely luck but a capability that can be cultivated. E.g. Have you not benefitted from random conversations with those you... Continue Reading →

AI driven Inclusive Shopping

Online shopping just got Inclusive. One of the trickiest aspects of online shopping for me is using my imagination to picture myself in a dress I like. Well, Virtual fitting technology just took a leap with a simple Choose your model feature at Walmart Powered by Computer Vision, you can now choose the height, body shape... Continue Reading →

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