It’s okay

Can the emotional culture of an organization be codified? The unwritten rules of an org/ team almost always exceeds the written. Does it help to have them stated? Giles Turnbull, created one for new hires at the U.K. Government Digital Service. He drafted a list, asked his colleagues to add other ideas, and then designed... Continue Reading →

Emotional vs Rational Decision making

At work, who makes the decisions? The heart or the head?Raise your hands if you make completely rational decisions at work, keeping emotions at bay. Historically we've been told to keep emotions out of decision making. If that means to not allow our emotions to take us on a roller coaster - yes. But if... Continue Reading →

From Being to Beeing

"You've heard the old law of physics that a bumble bee can't fly. Every aerodynamic principle says that its wing span is too short to support its massive body in flight...But a bumble bee doesn't know that. It never took physics. It just flies around all over the place and that's what you have to... Continue Reading →

Why I write (for myself)

I write. I write words, code, video, audio. Here's why I write for myself. Writing is my accountability partner for reading. I read for the sheer pleasure of learning (new ideas, perspectives, domains)- be it articles, blog posts, white papers etc. In that sense, I also read movies. And as I do, it's impossible to... Continue Reading →

Build your Tribe

My parents are not in IT. Yet, they join my webinar(s) LIVE; seek recordings if available. I can't discern what content inspires or technology discussed therein impresses them. As much as I'm worried for their feedback (my mom's is less on the meticulously researched content and more along the integrity of my hair), I'm grateful... Continue Reading →

Ask. Not Assume.

It was one of my first global conferences of the year. I was thrilled to be speaking to a new community and a new geography. The organizers did a great job of putting together a website that provided all details of the conference - the agenda, speakers and sessions. I made a note of the... Continue Reading →

The Failure Project

Launching today is an idea I've been toying with for a while. Some of the areas I passionately pursue and advocate for are the power of vulnerability, the lessons in failures and the belief in collective wisdom. This personal moonshot idea is at the intersection of these three areas. I call it the Failure Project.... Continue Reading →

Faith or Trust

What do we need on the team - Faith or Trust? Is it one and the same thing? Faith is not evidence based. Trust is. For the same reason, faith cannot be explained while trust, usually an outcome of faith, is conscious. Faith is belief based and trust is action based. E.g. When the pandemic... Continue Reading →

Growing Down

Why don’t we try Growing Down? Growing up we were always told, “Grow up!” This beautiful poem called “Growing Down” by American poet Shel Silverstein (1930-1999) has a few ideas for grown-ups aspiring to grow down. “… One day we said to Grow-Up Brown, Hey, why don’t you try growing down? Why don’t you crawl... Continue Reading →

Have you been Ghosted at work?

Workplace ghosting seems to have become more common because of the increase in remote work. From candidates who don’t show up to scheduled interviews, who don’t arrive on the first day of work or even quit without giving notice to recruiters who don't follow-up, workplace ghosting seems to have seeped into daily communication as well.... Continue Reading →

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