5 lessons from Weekend with DALL.E

  • Artists who use AI will be ahead of those who don’t. The purpose of Generative art is not to annoy or put artists out of work. In fact, the opportunity is for creatives to make the tool work for them. Clubbing their expertise and experience, artists can produce impressive pieces (and win art prizes!).
  • Art is a result of skillful technique, as much as it is of passion. Creating jaw dropping images using Dalle requires more than the ability to write a text prompt and imagination. To get the most out of the AI generator, the prompt must indicate the right art styles, lighting etc. E.g., “Taj Mahal in the style of Van Gogh”. Link in comments to the DALL·E 2 prompt- a visual resource that offers valuable pointers on how to create effective prompts.
  • Design is a journey, of discovery and patience. Even the creators of DALL·E 2 don’t know what the tool knows and doesn’t know. Instead, users have to work out what it’s capable of doing and how to get it to do what they want. Highly unlikely you will be content with the first results. Prepare to be patient and persevere through multiple iterations because Dalle doesn’t really “understand” what you’re saying. It’s results are based on associations identified from the 650 million images it’s been fed.
  • With power comes great responsibility. Dalle gives “full usage rights” for images created with the platform. That includes the right to sell and reprint images and to use them on merchandise. That said, despite the content rules, people have found ways to evade them.
  • Always leave your mark. Even AI does. You can tell if an image has been created by DALL·E 2 because they contain a signature that looks like a row of colored squares at the bottom right of the image. If the image has not been cropped that is 😉

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