Will AI replace Managers?

Will AI replace Managers?

The first time a peer asked me, a couple of years back, I wasn’t quite sure.

Over the years, the reality is more evident.

“We live in an important moment in the history of our economy and society.

As digital networks and AI increasingly capture our world, we are seeing a fundamental transformation in the nature of firms. This removes historical constraints on scale, scope and learning and creates both enormous opportunity and extraordinary turbulence.

But despite all this new found digital automation, it seems that we can’t quite do away with management just yet. The challenges are just too great, too complex and too amorphous to be sold by technology (or technologists) alone.

But leading through these changing times will require a new kind of managerial wisdom, to steer organizations from full scale firms to new ventures, and from regulatory institutions to communities.”- Competing in the Age of AI

What are your thoughts for leadership and management in the age of AI?

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