Storytelling for Influence

Here’s why I did a 6 week course on a powerful strategic business tool called Storytelling. We want to believe that we are rational beings. The truth is far from that. Research shows our brains are not hard-wired to understand logic or retain facts for very long. Our brains are wired to understand and retain... Continue Reading →

5 lessons from the #JWST

5 lessons from the #JWST (James Web Space Telescope) 1. Press on.30 years and $10 billion later, what the world is gushing over, this week, is the result of human perseverance. It represents the combined effort of about 20,000 engineers, astronomers, technicians and bureaucrats who saw it through. 2. There’s only one way to finding Nemo- just... Continue Reading →

For the love of Sign Language

About a third of the Oscar winning movie CODA is in American Sign Language. While the subtitles helped, it got me thinking about Sign Language. CODA stands for Children Of Deaf Adults. The plot revolves around a CODA - Ruby- who is the only hearing person in her deaf family. Except for the character of... Continue Reading →

Cultivate Serendipity

What’s common between Aspirin, Scotchgard, Velcro, the Post-It note, and the technology behind the HP Inkjet printer? Serendipity had a say in their beginnings. The world is more coming to realize how Serendipity is not merely luck but a capability that can be cultivated. E.g. Have you not benefitted from random conversations with those you... Continue Reading →

The People we share our days

What do you look for in a good school?The length of tennis court and width of the swimming poolOr good teachers who impart wisdom What do you look for in a Sunday Mass?The majesty of the cathedral pillars and tempo of the choir's musicOr a humble priest’s heartfelt sermon What do you look for in... Continue Reading →

Show Your Work

When I finish a book, I usually plan on taking one parting thought. Here's ten random ones from Austin Klein's masterpiece "Show Your Work" -Our obituaries are written before we’re dead. -First, be useful, then necessary. -You can't find your voice if you don't use it. You can find your voice by joining the choir.... Continue Reading →

The Trust Equation

This is the equation I use to measure Trust. Yes, trust can be measured. The Trust Equation, from Charles Green, provides a scientific, analytical and actionable framework for organizations and individuals improve their businesses and lives. There are four variables in the Trust Equation. Credibilityhas to do with the words we speak. E.g.,“I can trust... Continue Reading →

Mothers day

My kids ask me what it was like to live in a world before Alexa.Did I feel lost?Who helped me before Google? I say “My mommy!”Then and Now. She had no issues deciphering voices. Didn’t need something to be rephrased.Fully understood the context; even read between the lines.Was never offline or out of coverage. To... Continue Reading →

What’s your Why

Do you know your Why? Great! Try explaining it to someone. E.g., Can you explain Why you love your family in 2 sentences? Tough? It’s difficult for us to articulate our Why. Even organizations may not be able to explain their Why in a paragraph. What we can do is help people see our Why... Continue Reading →

Snakes and Ladder

Growing up, I wasn’t fond of Snakes & Ladders. I preferred playing games like chess where the player had the chance to decide the outcome than surrender to chance. At family parties, I lost the argument. Anyone from 8 to 80 who could roll a dice could play it. I didn’t have a say! Everyone... Continue Reading →

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