Test drive with Windows 11

Seems like I always had a penchant for blue flowers 😊💙 I started in the industry the year Microsoft released Windows Vista.  Aside from all the criticism, it was considered one of Microsoft’s most beautiful operating systems- a major evolution from Windows XP. Now, Windows 11 is marked as a "visual" evolution of the operating... Continue Reading →

Microsoft's Bot Framework SDK has enabled developers to build conversational experiences using their favorite programming languages including C#, JS, Python and Java. As powerful as it is, the SDK called for a code first approach to building chatbots. Some considered the learning curve steep especially as it lacked a visual UI. Bot Framework Composer fills... Continue Reading →

Ikigai of Conversational.AI

A few years back I read this little blue book Ikigai. Ikigai (ee-key-guy) is a Japanese concept that combines the terms iki, meaning “alive” or “life,” and gai, meaning “benefit” or “worth.” When combined, these terms mean that which gives your life worth, meaning, or purpose. Ikigai is similar to the French term “raison d'etre” or “reason for being.”Ikigai is the... Continue Reading →

Opinion Mining in Azure Text Analytics

“A man has a property in his opinions and the free communication of them” – James Madison. Every day, millions of consumers share their opinion on a range of things, including feedback about their experiences with products and services. This volunteered feedback contains raw, unsolicited views and opinions about a brand, product, or service. In... Continue Reading →

Empathy for Responsible AI

When Tay - the Twitter chatbot came down in under 24 hours, Satya Nadella wrote to his AI team. "Keep pushing, and know that I am with you ... (The) key is to keep learning and improving." And how the Microsoft Azure AI team has learned, improved, and pushed the boundaries. One of the 12 winners of... Continue Reading →

Why I’m excited about Conversational AI

One of the most common questions I get asked is "Why are you so excited about Conversational AI?" Here's why. Conversational AI is changing the computing paradigm with a shift in not just how we see machines but how machines see us. 👀 Historically, humans have had to learn the way of the machine."Great website!"... Continue Reading →

Inclusive Writing

Shout-out to a hidden gem! AI enables Microsoft Word Spellchecker to flag non-inclusive text (e.g. chairman) and suggest inclusive alternatives (chairperson) 6 steps to Inclusive Writing: File > Options > Proofing > Settings > Inclusiveness >Tick the boxes

Azure Cognitive Services: Responsible AI

Creating a Cognitive Service in Azure and noted this disclosure, amongst others, on Face API Glad to note this Transparency because it's one thing to agree to #EthicalAI and another thing to Walk the Talk. From the archives: https://lnkd.in/gtdNFJRon how to ensure our AI creations are fair and safe, reliable and transparent, respectful and accessible.

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