Invisible Disabilities

Not all disabilities are visible.Some are not immediately obvious. Think chronic pain, learning difficulties or sleep disorders when these significantly impact day-to-day life. Although we may not be able to see these invisible impairments and conditions, they’re still there. People living with these often face barriers in their daily lives including a lack of understanding... Continue Reading →

Quotes that made me think

“The worst thing about a disability is that people see it before they see you.” – Easter Seals “The world worries about disability more than disabled people do.” – Warwick Davis “Labor should not be about creating monuments on hills or statues in parks. Labor’s monuments and statues are when a young person with disability can get access to... Continue Reading →

AI : Mental health ally

Would you confide in a mental health chatbot? One of the case studies I have most often quoted in my talks is WoeBot. And so, it was intriguing to read this article in Guardian- link in comments. Like other tech players in this space, concerns galore from inherent flaws/ glitches to ethical practices. Yet, people... Continue Reading →

Accessibility for Peers

As a coder, you may be thinking about accessibility for end users. Are you thinking about your peers as well? You may or may not be able to influence the accessibility of the operating system or coding tools. But, there are things every coder can. E.g., documentation and source control repositories Is your technical documentation... Continue Reading →

Disability driven innovation

Here’s something to think about the next time you reach out for the TV remote. The remote control:Have you operated a TV without one? Many a war has been waged in the modern home to claim access to the remote control. What is a convenience for us today was first invented, in 1955 by American engineer... Continue Reading →


Oprah Winfrey referred to her as "a millennial Helen Keller” Haben is the story of a deaf blind daughter of refugees who refused tokenization and demanded true inclusion. A disability rights lawyer, her memoir is laced with stories of her childhood, her growing years in public school, blindness camps, college at Harvard and after. Blindness, she... Continue Reading →

AI Server

Rosa served our order the other day. Here’s what it could do- -Deliver dishes for up to four tables at a time thanks to a multipoint delivery mode. -Make it convenient for customers to take dishes. -With the AI-based path system, the robot could plan routes intelligently and accurately. System maintenance and upgrade were enabled... Continue Reading →

Responsible AI speakership

A gentleman in the audience: “Can the AI model detect sarcasm?”Me: “Good question.. not yet..” I'm picking up on being Responsible with my AI Speakership.An AI speaker sweeps the audience off their feet with the latest and greatest innovations in tech. A Responsible AI Speaker shows them both sides of the coin. It is important... Continue Reading →

Empathy is the mother of Innovation

Disability drives innovation. Here's proof.Three stories. #1In 19th-century Italy, sighted Pellegrino Turri struggled to find a way to send (secret) love letters to Countess Carolina Fantoni da Fivizzano, who was blind.Braille had not yet been developed. Other blind people dictated their letters for sighted people to transcribe, but the countess could not do that.And so... Continue Reading →

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