Overfitting in ML

When Charles Darwin was trying to decide whether he should propose to his cousin Emma, he created this list of pros and cons. In favor of marriage- he added children and companionship; against marriage- he listed the lack of time, freedom and having less money to spend on books. Others including Benjamin Franklin highly approved... Continue Reading →

The AI mindset

“Moderna is a tech company that happens to do bio” Modern CEO, Stephanie Bancel. In 2020, Moderna released one of the first approved COVID-19 vaccines to combat the coronavirus. How? Moderna was built on a different technology base than others. It was built on an AI factory that industrialized the company's approach to data analytics... Continue Reading →

Bot- like bots vs Human-like bots

Uber driver: “Hey, how are you doing today?” Me: “Good. How about you?” Uber driver: “Well, I got up today. I can’t complain!” Me (thinking): okay, you have my attention Humans or bots- Some communicate. Others build relationships. Some bots behave like 19th century butlers. Others let out a cheer when a blood-pressure reading is... Continue Reading →

Of AI/ Tech Predictions

“While (Chancellor) Merkel spoke English well and much better than our few words of German, some of the conversation was sufficiently technical that it benefited from an interpreter. At one point Satya talked about AI and where it was going and he pointed to its ability to translate languages. When he said that AI would... Continue Reading →

Storytelling for Influence

Here’s why I did a 6 week course on a powerful strategic business tool called Storytelling. We want to believe that we are rational beings. The truth is far from that. Research shows our brains are not hard-wired to understand logic or retain facts for very long. Our brains are wired to understand and retain... Continue Reading →

Gatekeeping & Democratization in AI

When competing in the age of AI, the million dollar question businesses should ask but seldom does is “What does our AI team look like?” Your solution depends quite a bit on who is involved in solving your problem. Beyond gender and race, team diversity issue in AI is also about skills. Historically, the kind of... Continue Reading →

The Amazing art of Disabled Artists

Lisa Fittipaldi can tell which color she is using just by feeling the texture of the paint. Lisa is blind. Stephen Wiltshire is world famous architectural artist who created an 18 foot wide panoramic landscape of the skyline of New York City, after viewing it once during a 20 minute helicopter ride. Stephen is autistic. Keith is... Continue Reading →

5 lessons from the #JWST

5 lessons from the #JWST (James Web Space Telescope) 1. Press on.30 years and $10 billion later, what the world is gushing over, this week, is the result of human perseverance. It represents the combined effort of about 20,000 engineers, astronomers, technicians and bureaucrats who saw it through. 2. There’s only one way to finding Nemo- just... Continue Reading →

(Less Popular) Ideas for Event hosts

I've lost count of the number of events I've attended in the past couple of years. Reflections, thoughts and more self notes on how to host an event for All. Be Bold wrt. Accessibility. If you plan to host an inclusive event, let the world know. Announce that the event is meant for All. People... Continue Reading →

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