My name is Liji Elizabeth Thomas. I am a Technical Manager with Valorem Reply. I believe that the ultimate test of your knowledge is your capacity to transfer it to another. I also believe that sharing is caring. Coupled with those 2 beliefs and the fear of going to bed ashamed of not having done what was possible, in my capacity, on a God given day – this blog was borne.

My work

In a career spanning 15 years across various technical and leadership roles, my passion is for work that brings me at the intersection of people, business and technology. I have a wide range of interests and this blog is a reflection of my thoughts and work across technology, work and culture.

Technical areas I’m deeply interested and invested in:

  • Conversational AI (Bot Framework, Azure Bot Service, Bot Framework Composer)
  • Azure Cognitive Services
  • Azure Cognitive Search
  • Responsible AI
  • Inclusive and Accessible Tech

In my quest to Being 1% Better daily – the blog also hosts a collection of articles sharing my slow and steady journey. On a personal front, these maybe insights gathered from people, books or movies. On a professional front, these maybe tips and tricks to be better efficient at work.

1% Better- the power of tiny gains

I hope you enjoy your read!

Thank you for visiting 🙂