Of Hustle culture, Quiet quitting and AI taking our jobs.

“The farmer lost his job to the plough.”
Said no one ever.

The advent of the humble plough improved the farmer’s productivity. Or so they thought and built mightier ploughs. It changed man’s relationship with soil.. with nature. Earlier it was about subsistence. Soon, it was also about generating wealth.

Technology has historically transformed they way we think of work. It has changed the meaning of work for us, as the plough did. As the nature of work changes, will our relationship with work change?

What is the real fear? That automation will rob us of our jobs -or- that it will dethrone work from the central place it occupies in our lives today? We still don’t fully know the scale or the scope of automation though the headlines predict large scale unemployment.

From the Hustle culture to AI taking our jobs to Quiet quitting, it all revolves around this central notion- “How much do we consider work to be integral to our sense of meaning and purpose in life.”

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