2022 Gartner Hype Cycle for AI

2022 Gartner Hype Cycle for AI features “must-know” innovations that go beyond everyday AI techniques that are traditionally used to add intelligence in business applications.

The AI innovations on the Hype Cycle are spread across these four main categories. Checkout what’s on the horizon-

Data-centric AI

Features innovations that improve the AI solution by enhancing and enriching the data used to train the model.

2 to 5 years: Synthetic data, Data labeling and annotation

5+ years: Knowledge graphs

Model-centric AI

Features innovations that improve the AI model to produce better outcomes.

2 to 5 years: Physics-informed AI, Composite AI, Generative AI, Deep learning

5+ years: Causal AI, Foundation models

Applications-centric AI

Features innovations centered around AI applications.

Less than 2 years: Computer Vision

2 to 5 years: Decision intelligence, Edge AI, AI cloud services, Intelligent applications

5+ years:

Human-centric AI

Features innovations that assess and act on the impact of AI on humans.

2 to 5 years: AI trust, risk and security management (TRiSM), Digital Ethics, AI maker and teaching kits

5+ years: Responsible AI

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