Inclusive Language at work-II

Inclusive Language at work

-Expand company or team acronyms in initial reference.

-Use plain language in your communication; skip the expressions or jargon.

-Refer to a theoretical person as ‘they’ instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’.

-When speaking to colleagues about family, use gender-neutral label for family members.

-When in doubt, ask individuals which pronouns they prefer (but make it clear they can choose not to identify, as well).

-Use gender-neutral language when referencing careers and professions in persona development.
For example, consider the following alternatives for these gendered titles:
Chairman – chair, chairperson, coordinator, head
Mailman – mail carrier, letter carrier, postal worker
Policeman – police officer
Congressman – legislator, congressperson, congressional representative

-Avoid using contradictory phrases like “awfully good.” especially for international audiences.

-Avoid using slang or cultural references that wouldn’t resonate with all team members. Or better – care to explain.

What would you add?

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