Accessibility in Microsoft Teams

I’ve used these Accessibility features in #MicrosoftTeams, without even realizing it.

#1: Live Captions: Live captions are not just for participants that are suffering from hearing issues. It is easy to comprehend and communicate with people with various levels of language proficiency, especially non-native English speakers.

#2: Transcription of Recorded Meetings: Were you distracted in a meeting? Want to recollect the conversation- who exactly said what? You can search the transcription file for specific phrases you misheard, couldn’t hear, or totally missed to hear.

#3: Zoom Within the Teams interface, you can zoom into specific elements of your channel-based messaging experience using Ctrl +/- . Helps zoom visuals, presentations, code, even during meetings.

#4: Dark mode enhances visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain.

#5: Voice Messages helps people with disabilities or joint conditions to communicate without needing to spend time typing. It also helps those who are busy and on the run -or- tired to type.

From Background blur to Noise suppression- numerous features that provide us a safe and comfortable space to work in.

Solve for One, extend to Many.

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