AI for India

#AI is Enabling the Nation

NITI Aayog, defines India’s National Programme for AI, which was developed. The PARAM SIDDHI AI, the country’s largest High Performance Computing (HPC) supercomputer, is ranked among the top 100 supercomputers in the world.

The national Jal Shakti Ministry has been using internet of things (IoT)-based sensors to monitor water availability and flow in 6,00,000 villages

The Tamil Nadu administration has used AI-based screening (through a mobile app called e-Paarwai) to check for cataract problems in patients.

During the pandemic, an AI-enabled bot answered queries from citizens, about the ways in which people could remain safe and secure during the crisis.

Punjab is using AI-tracing tools to help farmers differentiate between genuine and counterfeit seeds to grow good quality potatoes

Telangana has used AI in real-time digital authentication of pensioners.

Uttar Pradesh has used AI tools for better monitoring and surveillance in prison.

The DRDO has developed AI-empowered trackers to use in chest X-rays and check for lung damage.

The National Highways Authority of India is using AI to manage attendance checking for field staff

The Supreme Court has roped in AI for better justice delivery and information flow.

The Maharashtra government is using AI for mass delivery of information to the people in the state and sharpening response mechanisms.

Andhra Pradesh has turned to AI to help better forecast its energy needs.

Credits: Indian Express

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