The Joy of Science Fair

This weekend recommendation is not a movie or a book.

It’s Science Fairs!

After decades, I was excited to be at a school Science fair today. My first at a virtual.

The kids researched several intriguing topics-

– Can Glass Be Broken With Sound?
– How much bacteria is (still) retained on washed fruits?
– Does the credit card in your wallet produce more bacterial colonies than paper currency?
– The Effect of File Size on File Recovery Outcome
– What material is most effective (guilty) at blocking a wifi signal?
– What effect does different genres of music have on cleaning?
– Does the five-second rule work?

If you get a chance to visit a Science Fair, take it.

Yes, it’s inspiring to see the exemplary projects developed by the next generation of STEM leaders.

But there’s more to it than reliving nostalgic childhood memories of scouring “Tell Me How” books (pre-Wikipedia era)

It’s a good reminder, even for seasoned professionals, of the magic of science. How it started and how it mattered to us.

It’s a great lesson of how a life rooted in a Scientific Mindset is good not only for science but life in general.

– The insatiable Curiosity.
– The Open mindedness that considers all possibilities.
– The Willingness to test your hypothesis and the Humility to be proven wrong.

Give yourself the opportunity to fall in love with Science, once again.

Image: Virtually judging the 71st Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair.

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