AI for Children toolkit

I’ve had food allergies since childhood. For people like me, the ingredients list on food boxes have been life savers. Imagine being able to see that for consumer products we use. For AI products. Today’s kids are the first generation of children that will learn with AI toys, work with AI solutions and then be cared... Continue Reading →

The AI Baker

Meet Ruth, The AI Baker. Ruth is a creation of Nestlé.A digital human who can help you bake the perfect cookie. Adding visual cues to the conversational AI is a refreshing take on the customer experience. Interestingly, Ruth doesn’t entertain small talk. Try it and she brings the conversation back to business. And if you... Continue Reading →

Mathematicians can crochet

“Mathematicians do not crochet; they do mathematics.", she was told. She didn’t listen. That’s probably why Daina Taimina was able to find the solution to a problem that had eluded mathematicians for over a century. And in two hours. Mathematicians were struggling to find a way to represent the hyperbolic space physically. When Daina was... Continue Reading →

Automatic captions in Edge

Do you add Alt Text for your images? Alt text is key for many who are blind or low vision, as they provide screen readers with text to read aloud. Even on LinkedIn posts, I make honest attempts to add Alt text but I will say that I’ve dropped the ball more often than I have... Continue Reading →

Github CoPilot

I had AI write code for me today. Yep! GitHub Copilot is now available from Visual Studio 2022. The million dollar question - Will it throw a developer out of job? I’ll tell you what I think in a bit.But first, how does the Copilot work? TL;DR: It converts comments to code. (Not so) Long story:-Sign up... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Science Fair

This weekend recommendation is not a movie or a book. It’s Science Fairs! After decades, I was excited to be at a school Science fair today. My first at a virtual. The kids researched several intriguing topics- - Can Glass Be Broken With Sound?- How much bacteria is (still) retained on washed fruits?- Does the... Continue Reading →

AI for India

#AI is Enabling the Nation NITI Aayog, defines India’s National Programme for AI, which was developed. The PARAM SIDDHI AI, the country’s largest High Performance Computing (HPC) supercomputer, is ranked among the top 100 supercomputers in the world. The national Jal Shakti Ministry has been using internet of things (IoT)-based sensors to monitor water availability and... Continue Reading →

Inclusive Writing

Shout-out to a hidden gem! AI enables Microsoft Word Spellchecker to flag non-inclusive text (e.g. chairman) and suggest inclusive alternatives (chairperson) 6 steps to Inclusive Writing: File > Options > Proofing > Settings > Inclusiveness >Tick the boxes

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