The power of Rethink

Changing one’s own mind is a revolutionary act.

There’s nothing quite as hard as a #Rethink.
For the risk of looking inconsistent
For coming across as someone who lacks conviction
For having to question our own identity
For admitting our false beliefs
For conceding our ignorance

Adam Grant ‘s book Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know explains why we struggle to update our ideas and opinions and how we can get better at it. The book, he writes, “is an invitation to let go of knowledge and opinions that are no longer serving you well, and to anchor your sense of self in flexibility, rather than consistency.”

Especially when it involves rethinking a personal commitment, rethinking a personal ideology, rethinking in full public’s hard. The only thing harder is delaying a Rethink. The price to pay for a delayed Rethink rises by the minute.

Pleasure to attend Adam Grant’s Keynote address at a local conference the other day- “The reason I wrote this book is because I had some big moments I had to think again and I didn’t. I made assumptions that needed to be questioned. Pause to question the preacher, the politician, the prosecutor in you. Identify your vice. Develop humility and curiosity..Rethink is your recipe to avoid misery.”

Image: At Adam Grant’s keynote with my amazing cohort from Valorem Reply

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