Highschool AI projects that got me!

Two school students in India developed the #AI Scarecrow.

It can be placed anywhere on the field. It will detect the movement of the animals. If it finds that the intruders are causing harm to the crops cultivated, it emits a siren sound.

In an agrarian economy like India, where a large amount of the population depend on farming and related mode of living, issues of wild animals, birds and other unwanted trespassers has always been a source of concern.

Using real-time object detection algorithm that plays an integral role in detecting animals with incredible accuracy, Open CV and other open-source libraries, they created an AI model to ward off animals and birds in crop fields. The computer vision-based technology emits loud sounds to scare animals and birds upon spotting.

That’s not all! A couple of other interesting innovations from Govt. school students-

-Be attentive or drowsiness detection in students: #ComputerVision based AI model to help teachers identify sleepy or inattentive students based on facial expressions.

-AthleteX for the Atmanirbhar Athlete: AI app to measure an athlete’s health parameters to recommend diets and workouts.

-Smart Eye: AI-powered facial recognition technology to record students’ attendance.

-Body Tracker: AI-powered fitness model to encourage children to perform routine exercises. The model also assesses the postures to see if they are doing the exercises right.

-AI Waste Classifier: Smart AI model that educates users on waste management. The model will analyse the image of the waste to give segregation tips.

-AI in Vehicles to Prevent Accidents: Computer vision-based AI tool to prevent road accidents. The AI tool will send alerts about dysfunctional roads, assess risks and reroute the drivers beforehand.

-Divyang Roshni: Computer vision-based Cerebral Palsy detector and a soft robotic arm to detect cerebral palsy based on the muscle response, nerve stimulation or the electromyography readings.

Image credits: Analytics India

Full list: https://analyticsindiamag.com/responsible-ai-for-youth-government-school-students-ai-models-intel/

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