The best advice we receive to identifying our biases is developing Self-Awareness.

The biggest detriment to exercising self-awareness is what we typically consider our strength, our obsession for agility.
Our incapability to Pause.
To not speak over another in a call.
To slow down and proofread that email.
To curb that urge to have the first or the last say.
To give ourselves some time to think about what we’re thinking.
To catch that thought. To park that response.

Pause to reflect and identify your biases. If we manage to identify our biases, we can manage our subsequent interactions, we CAN manage our biases.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s capability to forge new pathways, at any age. This means the same brain that’s wired for biases can also be rewired for change, for growth. If we care to use the PAUSE framework to Disrupt our Everyday Bias (Link in comments)

Our biases (cultural, social, etc.) may not be solely on us.
Our unchecked biases are.

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