Hall of Kind

If this past week had a theme, it would be #Kindness.

Monday I’d posted a childhood memory of kindness. Friday, I watched the Amazon Original malayalam movie ‘Home’; the protagonist’s only superpower was kindness.

In retrospect, kindness is so underrated. Not enough celebrated. Reflecting on the showers of Kindness that graced my week.

Two years back, I woke up to an email from my colleague who shared a thought he had on his morning bike ride. Having seen an internal session recording, I was encouraged to propose talks for external conferences. The then 10 time MVP had no business being kind to me. Rene Schulte, I complete my 20th talk of the year today.

If you know Sukriti Paul, you’d agree that she’s kindness personified. The genome scientist amidst her crazy schedules proactively followed up on a random personal request I’d placed in DM. For the second time! (when people don’t have time for one)

Ubellah Maria sent me a note to check if all’s well when I hadn’t posted on LIN the past few days. We first connected last month. Some people’s kindness inspires you to be kind to others. The best ones remind you to be kind to yourself.

Name the Kind.
For showing the kind of kindness that got you!

Who would make it to your Hall of Kind?

Pic: My favorite page from Charlie Mackery’s The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse

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