Accessible Card Games

Can design be used as a tool to increase engagement with the world, overcome everyday obstacles, and express one’s identity?

Approximately 350 million people worldwide are color blind. As one of the most popular card games in the world, UNO is played by matching numbers and colors. This can be difficult if one struggles with color identification.

In 2017, the makers of Uno (Mattel) created a new accessible version of Uno. For the new version of the classic card game, Mattel partnered with ColorADD, a global organization for colorblind accessibility and education, to add internationally recognized symbols to Uno cards, aimed to help people with colorblindness identify the colors of the cards. After 46 years since it was first introduced, UNO became the first card game optimized for people who are color blind.

In 2019, Mattel launched the braille version of UNO. The braille markings on the corner of each card indicate the color, number, or action. 

What other card games or board games do you wish were or know are accessible?

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