Technology’s People problem

One of Microsoft’s earliest experiments in conversational understanding was the chatbot Tay. The bot was launched on Twitter. Only16 hours later, it was shut down.

From Tay to every chatbot that hit the headlines for our unwillingness to forgive AI, they seldom failed because of technical issues. When AI systems feed off human biases- trust and reliability is at risk. The best UX is safe UX.

As technologists, we fret over all the things that could possibly go wrong on the technical aspects of a deliverable. Conversational agents, for one, are as much a social and cultural experiment, as they are technical.

Gathering the finest minds with diverse perspectives to educate our machines in their chosen speciality, is a good start.

I spoke with Joseph Jude recently on building delightful yet responsible conversational experiences, on #AI meeting #diversityandinclusion and more. Podcast link in comments.

Question of the day: What are you solving for?
People’s technology problem or technology’s people problem?

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