Teach without teaching

High school biology class

My teacher opened the textbook and announced, “Today we will study the Theory the Evolution..”

As the class proceeded, he acknowledged the students religious and cultural concerns. He created a supportive class environment for all to participate in.

Someone asked him in between if he believed in the theory. In all his honesty, he said “No”.

For long, I wondered how one taught something he didnt believe in. In retrospect, he did full justice to his lecture.

To the best of his capacity, he provided sound instruction on the topic, despite his personal beliefs.

Without advocating for or against any doctrine, his classroom provided us the opportunity to be scientifically literate, and taught us much more.

To respect ideas that conflict with our worldviews

To acknowledge controversy and tension.

To encourage alternate viewpoints yet build personal ones. And to stay honest to them always.

The best lessons are taught without teaching.

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