Of right skills in the wrong place

I have owned a knife set for a while now. Lately I’ve been wondering how the ones I’ve never used might make my life easier. As I research, Youtubersity tells me that I am using a couple of them for the wrong purposes, in the wrong way, with the wrong foods. And I’m wondering if this lesson transcends the kitchen.

Much like how we use the right skillsets in the wrong way. E.g., Vulnerability is touted as a 2022 leader’s superpower (link in comments). A great addition to the knifeblock, indeed. But using it for the wrong purposes (capturing attention), in the wrong way (regurgitating past failures) with the wrong people (incorrect audience) may not be wise. Navigating from meeting to meeting with a box of tissues is akin to using the bread knife for dicing onions.

There’s a time and space, a technique and procedure to put any skill to good use. Persuasion, Delegation, Mentorship, Empowerment..to have it is one thing, to use it “appropriately” is a different game altogether. Next time, as the chopping board is drawn out, maybe pause to think if there’s a better knife for the task at hand. The consequences of using the wrong piece of steel may not be pretty.

Which knife/ skill on your block do you use the most?

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