Of all the great pieces I’ve ever read on mentorship, those nine lines from Maya Angelou have perhaps resonated with me the most.

An understanding of the purpose and essence of mentorship cannot be emphasized enough, as much for the mentor as the mentee. Maybe even more.

For a long time, I thought I was a mentor to several. I believed a few were for me. From disappointments to burnouts- it was a struggle.

Like me, if you’ve previously struggled with disambiguating coaching and mentoring – consider bookmarking the articles by Ubellah Maria . (Link in comments)

A great resource for mentors and mentees alike, the article addresses vital aspects –

-What to expect as a mentor?
-What to look for in a mentor?
-Mentorship vs Therapy
-Does mentorship end?
-etc. etc.

Clarity of expectations, on both sides, has been my first step towards reaping dividends on this investment.

The other day –
Me: “The best things in life are still free”
Friend: “As long as you know what “thing” is”

What’s been your journey as a mentor or mentee?

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