AI Bird Watcher

I’m going to start taking comics seriously.
Because here’s what happens when you do (Full story in comments)

Inspired by a comic, Birdornot(dot)net was built by Peter Örneholm to identify bird(s) in an image. If you have any pictures of unidentified balcony visitors in your phone gallery, do give it a try. I had fun with some of the weirdest looking bird pictures I could find online.

The technology that powers this solution is #AzureCognitiveServices. Additionally, for scalability purposes, a variety of Azure resources – Front Door, Redis and Linux Containers- have been used. Full source code is on GitHub (Link in comments).

And here’s the best part. In response to the comic, the solution was built in 5 hours! With the democratization of AI services, today developers with no previous knowledge or experience with AI/ML algorithms can now use Microsoft‘s Azure Cognitive Services to solve for similar problems they care about.

So, what would you build for? 🙂

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