Daily Dose of Inspiration

This 10-second episode, 10 years back, inspires me even today.✨✨

As I sped down the office stairs to my waiting cab, I slowed down at the second floor to absorb an unfamiliar scene. The front office boy, at one of the offices, was seated on the steps. Oblivious to his surroundings, he read aloud the notes from his book. It seemed like he was prepping for an exam, making time in between his breaks. The rains raged but failed to bury his voice or his focus. My all-time inspiration for grit is this lad in his blue uniform. 👨‍💻

My inspiration for poise is this lady who served tea at my office. She wore her smile as piously as her hijab. 🧕

My inspiration for discipline is our office security guard Anish. His “Good morning” has never missed a syllable in the past decade. 👮

Look for Musks and Sineks around you. The janitor has no YouTube channel. The delivery boy is a man of few words. But they say a lot, without saying really much.

The inspiration you seek is seeking you.
Finders keepers! 💜

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