DALL.E does an MJ 🕴️

Over 35 years ago, during a world health crisis, 45 artists gathered for one of the most extraordinary recording sessions in music history- “We are the world” It kind of raised the bar for our first grade choir. After weeks of rehearsal, on the day of the performance, 50+ kids were stacked up to render (our... Continue Reading →

Overfitting in ML

When Charles Darwin was trying to decide whether he should propose to his cousin Emma, he created this list of pros and cons. In favor of marriage- he added children and companionship; against marriage- he listed the lack of time, freedom and having less money to spend on books. Others including Benjamin Franklin highly approved... Continue Reading →

Accessibility Myths

Accessibility Myths Myth #1: People with disabilities don't use the web.Truth: In some cases the internet is the only way how disabled people can communicate to the world. This is why the pandemic awakened conversations on not just "remote work" but "web accessibility" Myth #2: Web accessibility is just a developer's responsibility.Truth: It's a team... Continue Reading →

Inattentional Bias

When was the last time you looked for those spectacles resting on your nose? 😬 I've lost count of the number of times that I've looked for something all over the place only to find it right under my nose. The learning, almost every single time - "You see what (or where) you seek". Inspired... Continue Reading →

Ask. Not Assume.

It was one of my first global conferences of the year. I was thrilled to be speaking to a new community and a new geography. The organizers did a great job of putting together a website that provided all details of the conference - the agenda, speakers and sessions. I made a note of the... Continue Reading →

The Failure Project

Launching today is an idea I've been toying with for a while. Some of the areas I passionately pursue and advocate for are the power of vulnerability, the lessons in failures and the belief in collective wisdom. This personal moonshot idea is at the intersection of these three areas. I call it the Failure Project.... Continue Reading →

Unfinished: A memoir

Author: Priyanka Chopra JonasPages: 239Genre: Memoir One Line Review A personal testimony of how Confidence (and courage) eats strategy for breakfast. One big learning If you have to be an anomaly, be an ambitious one. "From now on if I was going to be an anomaly, I was going to be the shiniest damn anomaly... Continue Reading →

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