Trees fight crime

Can trees fight crime? Along with energy conservation and storm-water reduction, scientists may soon be adding crime-fighting to the list of benefits that urban trees provide. A major 2019 study of nearly 1 million Danish people showed that kids who grew up near green spaces had a lower risk of psychiatric disorders later in life.... Continue Reading →

What’s your story?

Work speaks for itself.Not Always. Any piece of work is not just about the work. It’s about two humans. Not just the one behind it, the one the work represents. But the one in front of it, the one looking to make sense of it, to connect with it. So, give them more than your... Continue Reading →

Are Quitters Losers?

“Quitters are losers”.So we’ve been told. Taught. Really? Think about all the times that you have incurred far more losses by not quitting in time. Traumatized by the mere fear of quitting. When you denied yourself the chance to quit. Quitters lose lesser.Quitters believe in moving on than hanging in.Quitters perhaps do what others aspire... Continue Reading →

The power of Rethink

Changing one's own mind is a revolutionary act. There's nothing quite as hard as a #Rethink.For the risk of looking inconsistentFor coming across as someone who lacks convictionFor having to question our own identityFor admitting our false beliefsFor conceding our ignorance Adam Grant 's book Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know explains why... Continue Reading →

Start with Asking What, not Why

For the longest time, I loved to ask "Why". It was my favorite Question word. Until last week. Rereading Simon Sinek's "Start with Why", and some additional material online, I realized the risk involved. As Sinek puts it,"Why is an emotional question.What is a rational question." Why didn't you complete your work on time?-vs-What caused... Continue Reading →

Alternatives to being a Genius

You don't have to be a genius, to behave like one.To behave like one, join a Scenius. If you're here, maybe you already have! Scenius taps into the intelligence of a whole group/ scene. Individuals who are a part of a scenius are inspired by like-minded peers and their environment to produce their best work.... Continue Reading →

The Real Problem with Comparison

I love Brené Brown's works. Dr. Brown defines and disambiguates the deepest human emotions and debriefs them like none other. In her latest epic, Atlas of the Heart, she dives into several such concepts - like comparison. What exactly is the problem with Comparison? Though not an emotion in itself, it drives several other emotions..fear, anger,... Continue Reading →

Why it’s ok to Not Know

Have you been comfortable admitting "I Don't Know" Previously, I've struggled because I've felt that I needed to know the answers provide the answers to those who trusted me with it- the people in my life. I didn't want to disappoint. Until I realized that not embracing what IDK is faar more disappointing- for... Continue Reading →


One of the most magical moments in a soccer match is when the goal scorer makes a victory run only to be joined by fellow teammates who join the celebratory run. Apparently, there's a word for the enjoyment of another's success- Freudenfreude. Delighting in the success of others is not a phenomenon we don’t talk... Continue Reading →

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