Is ‘AI’ a moving goalpost?

The late Larry Tesler, a computer scientist that worked at Xerox PARC, Apple, Amazon and Yahoo! over the course of his career defined AI as whatever hasn’t been done yet -or- the machines haven’t done yet. In my school days, it was a machine that could beat a grandmaster in chess. Then the game AI... Continue Reading →

AI recommended Falafels

One of the biggest challenges with home cooking, especially when trying new recipes, is the problem of plenty. Plenty of online sites, reviews, recipes, ingredients.. Which one do you take when every recipe on these sites has a near 5 star rating?! I found this Dinner recommendation AI tool that attempts to solve this using... Continue Reading →

5 lessons from Weekend with DALL.E

Artists who use AI will be ahead of those who don't. The purpose of Generative art is not to annoy or put artists out of work. In fact, the opportunity is for creatives to make the tool work for them. Clubbing their expertise and experience, artists can produce impressive pieces (and win art prizes!). Art... Continue Reading →

The AI mindset

“Moderna is a tech company that happens to do bio” Modern CEO, Stephanie Bancel. In 2020, Moderna released one of the first approved COVID-19 vaccines to combat the coronavirus. How? Moderna was built on a different technology base than others. It was built on an AI factory that industrialized the company's approach to data analytics... Continue Reading →

Bot- like bots vs Human-like bots

Uber driver: “Hey, how are you doing today?” Me: “Good. How about you?” Uber driver: “Well, I got up today. I can’t complain!” Me (thinking): okay, you have my attention Humans or bots- Some communicate. Others build relationships. Some bots behave like 19th century butlers. Others let out a cheer when a blood-pressure reading is... Continue Reading →

AI Server

Rosa served our order the other day. Here’s what it could do- -Deliver dishes for up to four tables at a time thanks to a multipoint delivery mode. -Make it convenient for customers to take dishes. -With the AI-based path system, the robot could plan routes intelligently and accurately. System maintenance and upgrade were enabled... Continue Reading →

Responsible AI speakership

A gentleman in the audience: “Can the AI model detect sarcasm?”Me: “Good question.. not yet..” I'm picking up on being Responsible with my AI Speakership.An AI speaker sweeps the audience off their feet with the latest and greatest innovations in tech. A Responsible AI Speaker shows them both sides of the coin. It is important... Continue Reading →

AI can paint thoughts

AI can Paint Thoughts. My favorite section of Kevin Scott’s #MSBuild KeyNote today is at -4:55 (Link In comments) It shows AI creating realistic images from a child’s description of it in natural language. I have a 7yo at home; talk about Imagi-nation! The prospect of painting our ideas and thoughts is intriguing.When I first learnt of... Continue Reading →

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