Of the grand open challenges with AI

We can’t put the genie back in the bottle. AI is all pervasive- progressing along so many directions and is bound to continue. But for one of the most profound scientific fields that will affect every aspect of human life, it is difficult to anticipate all of the opportunities and issues that will arise from… Continue Reading →

2022 Gartner Hype Cycle for AI

2022 Gartner Hype Cycle for AI features “must-know” innovations that go beyond everyday AI techniques that are traditionally used to add intelligence in business applications. The AI innovations on the Hype Cycle are spread across these four main categories. Checkout what’s on the horizon- Data-centric AI Features innovations that improve the AI solution by enhancing… Continue Reading →

Is AI the cake or the icing?

Tech legend has it that this mandate issued by Jeff. B in 2002 served to form the backbone of Amazon in the modern web space. The lessons remain essential even today. The operating architecture of an organization should mirror the technological architecture. Most orgs focus only on the latter while he 21st century digital firm… Continue Reading →

How do you take a shot at the moon?

When you’re reading a Forbes article on moonshot thinking and your patio view looks like this- you know it’s a sign 🙂 7 ideas for Moonshot thinking (an approach to innovation, and it can be applied to business or any other discipline where you target at least 10X goals) What moonshot idea(s) are you excited for? #ai #artificialintelligence… Continue Reading →

Is ‘AI’ a moving goalpost?

The late Larry Tesler, a computer scientist that worked at Xerox PARC, Apple, Amazon and Yahoo! over the course of his career defined AI as whatever hasn’t been done yet -or- the machines haven’t done yet. In my school days, it was a machine that could beat a grandmaster in chess. Then the game AI… Continue Reading →

Of Hustle culture, Quiet quitting and AI taking our jobs.

“The farmer lost his job to the plough.”Said no one ever. The advent of the humble plough improved the farmer’s productivity. Or so they thought and built mightier ploughs. It changed man’s relationship with soil.. with nature. Earlier it was about subsistence. Soon, it was also about generating wealth. Technology has historically transformed they way… Continue Reading →

AI recommended Falafels

One of the biggest challenges with home cooking, especially when trying new recipes, is the problem of plenty. Plenty of online sites, reviews, recipes, ingredients.. Which one do you take when every recipe on these sites has a near 5 star rating?! I found this Dinner recommendation AI tool that attempts to solve this using… Continue Reading →

Will AI replace Managers?

Will AI replace Managers? The first time a peer asked me, a couple of years back, I wasn’t quite sure. Over the years, the reality is more evident. “We live in an important moment in the history of our economy and society. As digital networks and AI increasingly capture our world, we are seeing a… Continue Reading →

DALL.E does an MJ 🕴️

Over 35 years ago, during a world health crisis, 45 artists gathered for one of the most extraordinary recording sessions in music history- “We are the world” It kind of raised the bar for our first grade choir. After weeks of rehearsal, on the day of the performance, 50+ kids were stacked up to render (our… Continue Reading →


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