The AI mindset

“Moderna is a tech company that happens to do bio” Modern CEO, Stephanie Bancel.

In 2020, Moderna released one of the first approved COVID-19 vaccines to combat the coronavirus. How?

Moderna was built on a different technology base than others. It was built on an AI factory that industrialized the company’s approach to data analytics and AI. AI helped to not just speed up development of the vaccine but automate other key systems and processes across the organization.

What is interesting and inspiring though is Moderna’s mindset and approach to AI. The company was designed ground up to be a digital org. Paraphrasing the chief data and AI officer at Moderna, “We would not have existed without digital and AI and data and analytics.”

Post pandemic, healthcare will never be the same. No business will be as usual. Organizations need to be purpose built for rapid response and exponential impact. Digital and AI are key enablers.

Will organizations take the Modern(a) approach to AI?

#artificialintelligence #machinelearning


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