This is what AI will do to us and what we can do about it

-AI will challenge longstanding assumptions and the value of traditional capabilities

-AI will render skills and talents obsolete e.g., driving a car and managing real estate

-AI will alter and transform accepted approaches to social and political interactions e.g., dating to voting

Whether we like it or not AI is transforming business and society. Then again, people have adapted to tech and it’s impact on jobs since the dawn of Industrial Revolution. This is what we did to adapt- we learnt new topics and skills, analyzed and solved new problems, communicated ideas and collaborated in teams.

And this is what we will continue to do.

We will better understand how to manage, transform and contribute. We will find new opportunities of growth, to build new runtimes investing in AI and change the way we operate.

In an era where computers ask us to prove that we are not Robots, let’s continue to do so.

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