Braille door signs

I got a new Braille door sign!

Talk about Accessible home renovation projects 🙂

When my kids asked me more about Braille, I decided to read up. Here’s what I found-

Braille was not initially created for the blind. In 1819, the French army used it to communicate at night without speaking or using candles- called night writing. Fifteen-year-old French schoolboy Louis Braille learned about the code, and eventually developed the braille alphabet as we know it today. (Solve for one, extend to many.)

You shouldn’t capitalize braille. The braille code should be lowercase. The only exception is when you are referring to the proper name of Louis Braille, capitalize it.

There are braille versions of Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew and many others.

There’s a special version of braille just for mathematics called the Nemeth Code. It can be used to transcribe math, algebra and calculus.

There are a number of children’s toys that feature braille. e.g., braille Uno, braille Monopoly, braille LEGO.

There are Braille versions of Harry Porter and Lord of the Rings.

NASA named an asteroid “9969 Braille” in honor of Louis Braille. You can get Braille tattoos too!

What else would you add?

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