What’s your Why

Do you know your Why? Great!

Try explaining it to someone.

E.g., Can you explain Why you love your family in 2 sentences? Tough?

It’s difficult for us to articulate our Why.

Even organizations may not be able to explain their Why in a paragraph.

What we can do is help people see our Why in our What and How.


Simon Sinek uses a metaphor in his book #StartWithWhy

It’s called the Celery test

Imagine you’re at a dinner party. Let’s say you’re in the healthy food business. Guests pamper you with advice. One recommends M&Ms. “M&Ms have worked wonders for us”

Another says rice milk “In this economy, you’ve got to do rice milk”

“We’ve made millions doing Oreo in our organization” says the third

“Celery. You’ve got to do Celery” says someone else.

If you go to the supermarket and buy everything that everyone advised, would that what worked for them, work for you?

If your why is clear to you, would you waste time and money buying anything but Celery?

If someone sees you at the cashier, with sacks of M&Ms and Oreo and celery, do they understand your why?

Can people see your Why in what you do? Do they find you authentic?

Your Why manifests in the what and the how.

Be clear & consistent with your Why.

Take the celery test.

What’s your Why? 😊

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