The Disability Persona

I’ve been that new parent with one busy arm. It didn’t occur to me that I was experiencing (situational) disability.

I’ve been that distracted driver and interrupted worker.

Microsoft’s Persona Spectrum graphic illustrates that we may all experience disability at some point- in different ways, at different scales.

It could be permanent, temporary or situational.

Why is this understanding important?
Because it drives home the concept of “Solve for one- Extend to Many”

E.g., a device designed for a person with one arm could be used by a person with arm injury or a new parent holding an infant.

I’ve used YouTube captions to watch video tutorials when waiting at the dentist’s office for my turn.

It also helps us reflect and empathize.
The next time we have to keep our volume low or are blinded by the scorching sunlight, let’s think about what it feels like to experience it permanently.

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