The AI Baker

Meet Ruth, The AI Baker.

Ruth is a creation of Nestlé.
A digital human who can help you bake the perfect cookie.

Adding visual cues to the conversational AI is a refreshing take on the customer experience.

Interestingly, Ruth doesn’t entertain small talk. Try it and she brings the conversation back to business.

And if you think she can’t handle edge cases, think again.

As I began baking with Ruth, I was asked to make my selections from the options displayed.

I ended up asking her for a recipe that had no flour, no sugar, with no oven or no baking equipment. She regretted not being able to help but threw in an idea- to get the Nestle cookie dough from the nearest supermarket!

That’s Ruth for you. 👩‍🍳

P.S: Internet is abuzz with memes of failed bots. Can we tag those that do a fine job too? Well done Nestlé 👏

Try it out-

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