The Accessible Icon

The next time you see the accessibility symbol at the mall or the parking lot, Take a second look.

The blue square with a white image of a person sitting in a wheelchair is a universally recognized symbol.

Like most other icons, we take for granted the logos we see daily; we miss to see it through.

The icon first created in 1960 displayed passivity- arms and legs are drawn like mechanical parts, the posture is erect, and it makes the person look not important or visible.

The Accessible Icon Project, a non profit org, has worked to replace the old sign with the new forward-thinking symbol. One that portrays movement, action, and accessibility — rather than limitations.

Take a closer look.
– The head of the icon is forward, suggesting movement.
– The arms are moved up to indicate navigation.
– The body is leaning forward indicating motion.

The new icon represents the idea that people with disabilities are engaged, active, abled and ready for action.

The next time you see the icon, pause.
It has something to say.

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