The A-Z of Disability

The A – Z of Disability Etiquette

What’s interesting about this list from Independence Australia is how a lot of these are equally applicable to people without disabilities or with non-apparent disabilities.

A – Ask before you help; it’s not always wanted.
B – Be patient with how others communicate.
C – Communicate naturally and with expressions.
D – Don’t ask intrusive questions.
E – Communicate at eye level.
F – Focus on the person, not their disability.
G – Don’t use patronizing gestures like patting a head or shoulder.
H – Host events in accessible spaces.
I – Always respect a person’s choices and independence.
J – Avoid being judgmental.
K – Keep paths and accessible car parks clear of barriers.
L – Leave accessible toilets for people with disability.
M – Don’t move someone’s wheelchair or assistive devices without permission.
N – Never assume someone’s access needs. Ask if you’re not sure.
O – Avoid offensive language about disability.
P – Do not pat a service dog at work.
Q – Be committed to increasing quality of life for people with disabilities.
R – Research disability and accessibility to be a better ally.
S – Speak directly to the person with the disability.
T -Give up your seat on public transport if someone else needs it.
U – Never pretend to understand what a person is saying. It’s okay to ask for clarification.
V – Value the work of people with disability and encourage their input to society
W – Be willing to be flexible.
X – See a person’s x factor and not their limitations.
Y – Introduce yourself as you would with anyone else.
Z – Zip it! Not everyone wants to talk about their disability

Solve for One, extend to Many.

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