Snakes and Ladder

Growing up, I wasn’t fond of Snakes & Ladders.

I preferred playing games like chess where the player had the chance to decide the outcome than surrender to chance.

At family parties, I lost the argument.

Anyone from 8 to 80 who could roll a dice could play it. I didn’t have a say!

Everyone hated the feeling of coming down the tail of the snake.

Everyone rejoiced at another’s fall though 😉

But, if we think about it, there’s something to learn even from a game of luck.

A fall, down that snake tail, never eliminated a player.

Infact, it gave them a second chance.

Every time they fell, there were Always blocks ahead.

As long as they didn’t quit and kept at it, there was a road ahead.

Taking to the board, after years, I’m thinking..

Life isn’t a game of luck but snakes and ladders will cross our paths.

“Keep going forward because you didn’t come this far to only get this far.”

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