Show Your Work

When I finish a book, I usually plan on taking one parting thought. Here’s ten random ones from Austin Klein’s masterpiece “Show Your Work”

-Our obituaries are written before we’re dead.

-First, be useful, then necessary.

-You can’t find your voice if you don’t use it. You can find your voice by joining the choir.

-There’s never a space under paintings in a gallery for people to write their opinions.

-The cat sat on a mat is not a story. The cat sat on the dogs mat is a story. (tell Good stories)

-You want hearts, not eyeballs

-Become a documentarian of what you do.

-You are not starting over. You are Beginning Again.

-Pull back the curtain on your Process. People really do want to see how the sausages gets made.

– Even artists need to eat and pay rent. Even the Renaissance was funded.

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