Read Aloud

How it sounds is as or more important than what is said.
A workplace anecdote.

Random Teams conversation at work.
A bunch of us are proof reading a draft post for communication.
My colleague, Alex, something and suggests an alternative.
I’m quite sure I read the draft twice and didn’t spot it once.
The next time we met, I picked his brain.

Me: “How did you spot that?”
Alex: “Did you read the draft?”
Me: “Yes, I did”
Alex: “Okay. How did you read it?”
Me: “Uh..”
Alex: ”Did you read it in your mind or did you read it Aloud”
Me: “ my mind”
Alex: “Next time, Read It Aloud.”

3 months later
Me, on LinkedIn: “People, it works.”

In fact, I found a tool that helps.
The Read Aloud extension for Microsoft Edge reads aloud any pdf or webpage for you. Perfect proof reader. I used it to Read Aloud this post before posting to LinkedIn.

Link in comments to details on the tool.

The bigger lesson- Assistive apps are for all.
Solve for One, extend to Many.

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