Of Bot Courtesies

“Be nice to Alexa or she’ll tell her mom!”
Random 2022 household conversation.

Of course!
Conversational agents send telemetry. These logs are important for its learning and to improve its future interactions. The voice data includes your conversations. It has the potential to include your sentiment and tone.

Of course!
There’s no legislation for bots rights. No laws. One would not get reprimanded by the HR for your less than courteous exchange with the office virtual assistant.

Recall the last conversation you had with a bot that was struggling.
Were you patient?
Were you kind?
Should you be?
Should you ask the kid to be?
If so, should it be because the bot had good memory?

Question for manKind – are we kind because of who we are or who the benefactor is?

On a lighter note, take a second look at that kindness poster

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind”

Bots excluded? 🤖

Happy Robotics week!

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