Github CoPilot

I had AI write code for me today.

Yep! GitHub Copilot is now available from Visual Studio 2022.

The million dollar question – Will it throw a developer out of job?

I’ll tell you what I think in a bit.
But first, how does the Copilot work?

TL;DR: It converts comments to code.

(Not so) Long story:
-Sign up for the waitlist to get access to the GitHub Copilot technical preview
-Install VS 2022
-Install the GitHub extension
-Write a comment in your code and Copilot will automatically write the code it thinks is appropriate.

I tried it with C#. It did convert my comments to code.

Did I think it was impressive? Probably not as much as I’ve seen with others like Python.

Did it spin up a web server? No

Do I want it to? I don’t know.

Will it throw a developer out of job? I don’t think so.

As of now, you still need to be a programmer to use the Copilot.
It serves it’s purpose. It’s what it was intended to be too.

Copilot. Not Pilot.

If you’re curious, check out the links in comments on how to get started.

Have you tried it already? What did you think?

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