Automatic captions in Edge

Do you add Alt Text for your images?

Alt text is key for many who are blind or low vision, as they provide screen readers with text to read aloud.

Even on LinkedIn posts, I make honest attempts to add Alt text but I will say that I’ve dropped the ball more often than I have wanted to.

And I’ve wondered if there isn’t a way that this can automated?

E.g., when a user uploads an image, can’t the image labels/ alternative text be automatically created? Even if the user fails to provide it.

Microsoft Edge does that.

Microsoft Edge can now send unlabeled images to its Azure computer vision API for processing. The vision API creates alt text in English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, or Chinese Simplified which can then be deciphered by screen readers.

The algorithms are far from perfect but for users of screen readers it’s a better experience than hearing “unlabeled graphic”.

P.S: Did you know that this Azure Computer Vision API is also available for you to use with your apps?

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