Assistive Tech is for All

This isn’t tech for the lazy. This is Accessible tech.

Self-driving cars provide freedom for house-bound disabled people- the hearing- and vision-impaired, the elderly and the 400,000 people+ in the U.S. with Down syndrome.
It could help as many as 2 million disabled people get to work.
And promote more social lifestyles for the one in four disabled people who experience loneliness as a result of physical and social isolation.

Digital voice assistants especially when paired with smart home appliances help people with sight loss and physical ailments to switch on lights without having to search for wall switches, and adjust the temperature with a voice command.

Image Captioning helps visually impaired users use the internet like others. Since most websites contain images, and not every image has an appropriate title or alt text, it helps describe photos to the visually impaired users.

The Voice recognition technology in our phones and cars today was first developed in the late 1970s for patients to operate their wheelchairs.

Looks like Assistive Tech is not reserved only for people with disabilities. What say?

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