Are Quitters Losers?

“Quitters are losers”.
So we’ve been told. Taught.


Think about all the times that you have incurred far more losses by not quitting in time. Traumatized by the mere fear of quitting. When you denied yourself the chance to quit.

Quitters lose lesser.
Quitters believe in moving on than hanging in.
Quitters perhaps do what others aspire to.

If the kid wants to quit that karate class, let her.
If that bestseller book doesn’t talk to you, put it down.
If that movie was not what you had anticipated it to be, find the exit door.
If that dish didn’t turn out the way you’d expected, why punish your tummy?
If that idea didn’t work out as you’d imagined, abandon it.

Grow trees. Don’t be one.
Move forward.

If that means Quitting your current state or stance, permit yourself and yours to.

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