AI powered nose

Can you smell that piping hot chicken tikka from my IG story?
Maybe soon.

AI olfaction is an area that’s gaining traction.

In 2020, a woman named Joy Milne made headlines for having a sense of smell so strong and powerful that she could literally smell if someone had Parkinson’s disease (PD).

Her incredible gift prompted researchers to probe into the scent of the disease. Recently, a team from Zhejiang University in China developed an AI olfactory system for the diagnosis of PD.

Automakers are interested in digital olfaction to monitor and detect nuisances, such as cigarette smoke or a fuel leak.

With driverless taxis, there’s no one onboard to keep passengers from smoking or leaving behind offensive odors, from food to vomit.

What if digital olfaction technology could help?

An AI-powered nose could help robotaxi operators sniff out problematic odors and reroute the vehicle to a maintenance hub for cleaning before its next ride.

Aryballe, France-based startup, uses biochemical sensors, optics and machine learning to do just that.

From the meta verse to television ads to Instagram stories and doctors desk.. imagine the possibilities of smell tech?!

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