AI : Mental health ally

Would you confide in a mental health chatbot?

One of the case studies I have most often quoted in my talks is WoeBot.

And so, it was intriguing to read this article in Guardian- link in comments.

Like other tech players in this space, concerns galore from inherent flaws/ glitches to ethical practices. Yet, people confide in it.
A couple of reasons-

-People who have struggled with asking for help, have found it to be a lightweight, easy to access, free wellness tool.

-There’s a significant concern around the stigma surrounding mental health care. A user said- “It’s a robot. It’s objective. It can’t judge me.”

-Today’s youth are comfortable interacting with tech. They realize that it’s not a permanent solution but at least a stepping stone.

Mental health problems are the single largest cause of disabilities in the world, affecting 1 billion people worldwide.

Can tech be a mental health ally? Thoughts?

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