AI for Children toolkit

I’ve had food allergies since childhood.

For people like me, the ingredients list on food boxes have been life savers.

Imagine being able to see that for consumer products we use.

For AI products.

Today’s kids are the first generation of children that will learn with AI toys, work with AI solutions and then be cared for in older age by AI.

The World Economic Forum has now published the “AI for Children Toolkit”

The toolkit will encourage companies to keep children and youth in mind as they build AI.

The frameworks and guidance will ensure that the AI is designed, developed, and deployed in a innovative yet responsible way.

It is important that we build AI that respects the rights of children and has a positive impact in their lives.

This is because children can be especially vulnerable to the potential risks posed by AI.

Hence, it encourages companies to put them “FIRST”

Producing technology that is 




Safe, and 


My favorite portion of the toolkit is the guide for parents and guardians to better understand the benefits and risks of AI, responsibly buy and safely use AI products.

Imagine having AI labels on the physical packaging of an AI product or accessible online through a QR code. Like the labels on food packaging, the AI labels system will tell consumers (parents, guardians, children and youth) how the AI works.

Would you appreciate this for your kids?

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