AI can paint thoughts

AI can Paint Thoughts.

My favorite section of Kevin Scott’s #MSBuild KeyNote today is at -4:55 (Link In comments)

It shows AI creating realistic images from a child’s description of it in natural language. I have a 7yo at home; talk about Imagi-nation!

The prospect of painting our ideas and thoughts is intriguing.
When I first learnt of Open AI’s Dalle and the other day of Google’s Imagen, I tried to think of use cases for such Text to Image AI. Wallpaper generation? Digital Photography? NextGen Photoshopping?

I love the fact that along with the stunning AI generated imagery, both services have alluded to Responsible AI in their respective announcements.

Google’s offering Imagen is in research and not available for public. OpenAI’s Dalle is open to select beta users- I’m on the waiting list; wish me luck!

Meanwhile, which of these images do you think is not AI generated?

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