Ableist Language

What’s the issue with saying “All hands on deck”, “Lame excuse” or “Disabled buttons”?

Thanks to Sheri Byrne-Haber‘s post for throwing light on terms that I didn’t know was ableist.

All hands on deck refers to a business meeting where everyone is invited to attend.
The issue? Not everyone has hands.
Use “All-staff” instead.

In software, buttons are frequently described as “disabled” when they can’t be used.
The Issue? Implies that being disabled is equivalent to being broken.
Use “Inactive” instead.

Lame implies that something that is silly.
The Issue? Implies a negative.
Originates from term used for animals that can’t walk or ones that can’t be used for their primary purpose. Furthermore, lame animals are sometimes euthanized.
Use “silly or uncool” instead.

What other terms would you add to this list?

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